Orbita Monaco 2 Burlwood Automatic Watch Winder – W16221

Orbita Monaco 2 Burlwood Automatic Watch Winder - W16221

Orbita Monaco 2 Burlwood Automatic Watch Winder – W16221 ShopWor„ Orbita 2 Head Watch Winder with Storage Drawer, ‚ Burlwood‚ Case, ‚ Winding Station are Individually Controlled by Their own On/Off Switch, ‚ Each Head may be Programmed to provide 650, 800, 960 or 1300 Turns per Day as well as Clock Wise, Counter Clock Wise or Bi Directionally VIrtually keeping any Automatic Watch Fully Wound and Ready to Wear, Operates on AC/DC only or D Batteries, 13‚ inches (L) x 10 inches (H) x 8‚ inches (D), Includes Orbita Papers, Includes ShopWorn 2 Year Warranty

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