ZILLI – 100% Silk Tie Slate- 5860/V02

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ZILLI – 100% Silk Tie Slate- 5860/V02    ShopWorn ZILLI – 100% Silk Tie – 5860/V02 Retail $270.00 Width 3 3/4 Inches

We define our style, either daily or for special occasions, through the clothes we wear, but also through the accessories including jewelry. Rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings are part of the equation in terms of fashion. Jewelry is indeed the little extra, the final touch to bring to an outfit for a 100% successful trendy look. In trade, the choice of accessories is so broad that the options to match jewelry and clothes are innumerable. Nevertheless, let’s see five tips applicable for any occasions to avoid missteps.