ZILLI – 100% Silk Tie Maroon 4919V03

ZILLI - 100% Silk Tie Maroon 4919V03

ZILLI – 100% Silk Tie Maroon 4919V03 ShopWor ZILLI – 100% Silk Tie Maroon – 4919V03 Retail $270.00 Width 3 3/4 Inches

Fashion trends come and go; Meanwhile, the values ??of a society are determined and evolve according to their convictions and culture. Fashion is not only an ambitious projected image of good value and is reinterpreted to fulfill a function or agenda, but a suggestive and refreshing concept, worth to be portrayed to the appreciation of society that makes us even more instinctual. An individual begins to seek a solution to reduce his dissonance or strives to improve it. As an expression of their feelings, young people today try to interpret fashion trends and adopt the style of clothing that suits their values ??and qualities. It is transmitted through theory, where the attraction of the aesthetic experience led to daily fashion and cognitive involvement. Besides the traditional social agenda of fashion trends, the attitude of the generation Z is the trend of anonymous style and self-expression. After transcending a pre-capitalist feudal social structure to a postmodern social structure, today’s behavior is characterized by self-image and self-expression, paving the way for social uniqueness and conformation. This is especially the case with young people who are at the stage of Erikson’s identity development for psychosocial development to look for fashion options.